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Hello, my name is Emily Velez. 


I am a mover’s wife. 

A Christian small business co-owner. 

And a licensed professional hair stylist. 

(That’s relevant because I use a lot of analogies from the beauty industry!)


My husband, Justin Velez, is the owner and founder of Love’s Pro Moving in Scottsdale, AZ, and Conroe, TX. He has over 12 years experience in the moving industry and 10 years running a moving business. 


We met through mutual friends: a pastor in our shared church association and his wife. Justin, while living in Arizona, me in Texas. We connected over the phone—deeply, and rapidly. A month after our first conversation, Justin flew out to Conroe to meet me and my family. A week later he decided to move to Texas.


I love telling people that the reason the Texas branch exists is because of me! #movedbyloves


I started working part-time for Justin, while doing hair full-time (now you can see that he really swept me off my feet, if he persuaded me to spend my day off working for him!) Over time, I worked more and more for Love’s Pro Moving, and less and less doing hair. When COVID shut down salons, I worked full-time for Love’s. 


I never went back.


I had years of experience in customer service, in administration, in marketing and advertising, but none whatsoever in the moving industry when I started. (Don’t worry, I will not be showing up at your house to move your piano!)


In the early days, I went out on some moving jobs—sometimes as an observer and photographer, sometimes as a packing assistant (think of Justin as our premier packing “surgeon” yelling “tape!” instead of “scalpel!”,) sometimes as the third man with a red pony-tail and a better butt on a non-hourly job where we were short-handed.


And my goodness, I didn’t know so much went into moving someone!


Now that our company has grown, you will find me doing an ever-growing array of behind the scenes tasks such as answering the phones, putting jobs into the calendar, keeping job info up to date, processing invoices, processing payroll, reminding Justin of appointments, taking photos, running the company’s social media accounts—and now this blog!


Parallel to what I learned working in the beauty industry about the differences between a licensed professional’s work and at-home quality, I quickly learned the difference between professional and do-it-yourself moving.


Little did I know when I first saw, “Moving Company Owner” on Justin’s Facebook profile, what that would come to mean for me.


Professional Moving is not an undertaking that just any warm body can do. It’s so much more than just picking stuff up and putting it down. It is a career that requires professional training, skills that are both innate and learned. The knowledge and techniques employed in a professional move are as different from doing it yourself as box dye is different from a salon balayage. Your average mover is in top-notch physical shape, dexterous, observant, attentive, he’s a master in four-fold spatial ability, and has the customer service finesse to deal with people on their most stressful day showing up, short of a talking parrot umbrella, to make everything ok.


I started this blog to share my new in-house knowledge with others. To share insights into the industry. To share insider tips and tricks. To share what makes my husband’s job so special. To sing the praises of the blue-collared man! To bring respect and dignity to a job that often gives neither. To bridge the gap between customer and company.


And—let’s be real, for that SEO.

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